The House of Wickersham
We offer art which gives you peace and beauty in your home.
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About Us



The House of Wickersham started with humble beginnings. 
A few years after my mother died, my stepfather was going to throw away some boxes.
I volunteered to take them for him. 
I filtered through the boxes and to my surpirse I discovered many treasures including 4 sketch books of my Grandmother Veda's drawings and paintings.
I was so amazed at how blessed I was to be the one to discover these wonderful treasured pieces of art.
My husband Bob was the one who reminded me we had so many aritsts in my family
and suggested we do something about this discovering of Grandma Veda's art and the rest of the family of artists. 
We decided to make up some of Grandma Veda's work in print form and sell it.  
prompted us to ask other members of my family if they wanted to join this venture.
Our family was pleased to be a part of our little company.  We now have 4 generations of artists we feature.

The beautiful Vintage Family Photograph above is our First Generation of Artists. 

We have
11 artists from my family (The Layne Family), 2 artists from my husband, Bob's family (The Wickersham Family), and 4 dear friends (Dear Friends).


Family Tree of Artists

1st Generation                      2nd Generation                          3rd Generation                      4 Generation

(The Layne Family)

  Veda Layne La Fon                Natalee La Fon Whitten                 Jerome Pennington                   Eric Pennington

                           Elma Layne Reynolds                  Grace Layne Tebay                  Diane Pennington Word              Alan Wickersham y Pxxennington

Ruby Layne GilliatxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCraig Pennington xxxxxxxxxCraig Pennington

                                                                   Janice Pennington  

                                                                    Cathy Pennington Wickersham

(The Wickersham Family)

   Constance Wickersham                      Bob Wickersham

                                                                  Bill Wickersham

(Dear Friends)

 Ruth Bonwell                                      Gary O'Gara                                     Lorna Skeie



We have hundreds of pieces of art and photographs to work with. 
We feel we have something for everyone.
We invite you to view our
Gallery of Art. 
Each piece of artwork has a story about it. 
We feature art which was painted as far back as 60 years ago to the most recent from 2 months ago.
 Sit back and enjoy this beautiful art.  
We know you will be inspired and want one of our beautiful pieces of art for yourself.
Owning a piece of art from The House of Wickersham is an investment for the future.

We feature art which brings peace and beauty to your home.

Thank you,

Cathy Wickersham