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We offer art which gives you peace and beauty in your home.
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Alan Wickersham - PHOTOGRAPHY
Bob Wickersham - PHOTOGRAPHY ONE
Bob Wickersham - PHOTOGRAPHY TWO
Bob Wickersham - PHOTOGRAPHY SIX
Bill Wickersham - PHOTOGRAPHY
Janice Pennington - PHOTOGRAPHY
Elma Layne Reynolds - ART ONE
Elma Layne Reynolds - ART TWO
Elma Layne Reynolds - ART THREE
Elma Layne Reynolds - ART FOUR
Elma Layne Reynolds - ART FIVE
Elma Layne Reynolds - ART SIX
Ruby Layne Gilliat - ART
Veda Layne La Fon - ART
Natalee La Fon Whitten - ART
Jerome Pennington - ART
Diane Pennington Word - ART ONE
Diane Pennington Word - ART TWO
Diane Pennington Word - ART THREE
Diane Pennington Word - ART FOUR
Diane Pennington Word - ART FIVE
Linda Pennington Moore - ART FIVE
Craig Pennington - ART
Cathy Pennington Wickersham - ART
Eric Pennington - ART
Constance Wickersham - ART
Ruth Bonwell - ART
Alan Wickersham-POETRY
Bob Wickersham - POETRY
Cathy Pennington Wickersham - SCRIPTURES
Bob Wickersham - SCRIPTURES
Craig Pennington - MUSIC
Grace Layne Tebay - MUSIC
Lorna Skeie - ORIGINAL ART
Cathy Pennington Wickersham - ORIGINAL ART
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Gallery of Art


Natalee La Fon Whitten


Artist in Oils




xxxxx"Old Shed"xxxxxxxxxxxxx

x"Barn with Wheelbarrel"xxxxx

xxxxxx"Barn with Windmill"xx


"Little House on the Prairie"

"Mr & Mrs Quail"

xxxxx"Painting for Ila"xxxxx


"The Old Barn Outback"xxxxxx

x"Farmhouse by the Oak Tree"x

xxxxxxx"The Old Oak Tree"


xxx"Little Cabin in Nashville"x

xxxx"The Dentist's Home"xxxx

xxxx"Church in the Rock"xxxx


xx"Children Watching Ducks"xx

xxxxxxxxx"The Geese"xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx"The Elephants"xxxxxxx


xxxxxxx"Natalee's Adobe"xxxxx

xxxxxx"The River"xxxxxxxxxxx

"Natalee's Mountain"xxxxxxxx


xxxx"Natalee's Lighthouse"xxx

xxxxxxxx"The Ducks"xxxxxxxx


"The Cove"






Our Fine Art Canvas Giclees

We offer our art printed on canvas. 
These fine art prints are using a printing process called "Giclee".

We can assure you of quality because we do all of our own printing.

We use high quality canvas and archival inks.
Each fine art print has two coats of matte varnish to protect the art.
(Satin and gloss varnish are 2 other options.)

All of our art is stretched around the sides as a Gallery Wrapped piece of art.
*  Stapled sides ready for framing are another option.

The canvas is stretched and stapled on a wood stretcher.
We use standard .75" depth stretchers.

**  Custom 1.75" depth stretchers are used on occasion by request.
Additional charges may apply for custom stretchers.

As a finishing touch either a wire hanger or a saw tooth hanger is placed on the back.
The fine art print is ready to hang!